Fabricated Steel Wall Panels

Cold-Formed Steel Wall Panel Systems Prefabricated for Perfect Fit and On-Time Installation

Each individual load-bearing wall panel is designed, manufactured off-site and delivered on-time to meet the specialized needs of your project.

Prefabricated in a Quality and Temperature Controlled Environment

Prefabricated in a Quality and Temperature Controlled Environment

The prefabricated load-bearing wall panels from All Steel Mid-Rise are constructed of 6” load bearing studs, track, and permanent bridging and bracing for superior performance and durability. Typical packages include the corridor, unit demising, and exterior panels which are used to spread out the loads of the floor system being utilized.

The All Steel Wall Panel System is ideal for Mid-Rise construction projects like:





Student Housing

All Steel Wall Panel System Details

Our exterior panels are assembled with exterior sheathing attached and can be upgraded to include wood bucks, brick backing plate, and air and vapor barrier choices. All panels are quality controlled and manufactured in an environmentally controlled facility to ensure a great fit and just-in-time delivery. For a streamlined installation process, panels are loaded in the order in which they will be set in place on your job location which minimizes unnecessary pics and expedited installation at the job site.

Constructed in a Quality Controlled Environment

Construction of Panels is not Weather Dependent

Expedites the Building Enclosure Phase of the Construction Process

Reduces On-Site Labor

Constructed to match your projects specifications

Coordinated with MEP's

Non-Combustible and UL Approved

Just-in-time delivery nationwide

All Steel Wall Panel System Details

The process of getting started is easy with a Superior Framing Solution

Schedule a Project Discovery

Schedule a Project Discovery

Schedule a discovery call with our experienced sales and estimating team to ensure your project is a good fit for a cold-formed steel framing system.

System & Delivery Selection

System & Delivery Selection

Working with our sales team, we’ll help you specify the correct framing solution for your project.

Review & Approve Proposal

Preview & Approve Proposal

Once your system is selected, we’ll review your scope and schedule with you to make sure everything is clear and accounted for.

Design & Go Vertical

Design & Go Vertical

Once approved, our pre-construction team will coordinate with you to ensure accuracy, timelines and budgets. Then we go vertical!