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The Timberless-44 floor system has great overall performance, and is ideal for building up to 10 stories. The 3" concrete pour provides a solid feel under foot, while maintaining a light structure for the foundation elements. Furthermore, joists at only 48" O.C. reduce labor and materials to ultimately save on time and money expenditure.

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  • Total System Weight of 44 lbs. psf.
  • Concrete Poured After Completion of Each Level
  • No Shoring Required, Saving Time with Sub Trades
  • Hat Channels & Drywall Installed at Bottom of Joists for Controlled Sound
  • All Components Non-Combustible
  • Quick Installation
  • Spans up to 30+ Feet
  • Cantilever Balconies


  • Fire Rating
    • UL I525 1 and 2 hr.
    • UL G-555
  • Sound Technical Data
    • STC 57 with Carpet/Pad
    • IIC 77 with Carpet/Pad


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