BUILD FOR THE FUTURE With Panelized Construction

In recent years, prefabrication has become increasingly popular in the construction industry for firms who are looking to work smarter, faster, and safer to get projects to completion. Currently, it is estimated that 74% of contractors, 90% of engineers and 75% of architects utilize prefabrication* in the building construction industry. With increasing recognition of the increased benefits to productivity, sustainability, cost, and safety the industry has made strides towards implementing

Cold-formed steel framing, in particular, is recognized as an ideal material for prefabrication since it's non-combustible, lightweight, and cut to precise specifications. Often, contractors will choose to panelize entire wall panel sections to compress the schedule and mitigate labor shortages.

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What is panelization?

Panelization is a prefabrication technique that allows for the assembly of walls panels off-site in a controlled manufacturing environment. Panelization is an ideal manufacturing method for cold-formed steel framing systems as members can be cut to exact links (frequently within 1.66mm).

Panelization significantly shortens the construction schedule compared to traditional building methods. By utilizing panelized building systems, owners, developers, and the construction team all benefit from the quality materials produced in a controlled work environment. Additional benefits include flexibility in design, increased durability (CFS panels will not shrink, split, warp, or crack) cost savings, reduced on-site labor, and lower maintenance.

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Panelized Light Gauge Steel Framing Solutions

Light gauge steel framing, also known as cold-formed steel, is an ideal solution for the quality construction of a structure’s exterior shell. These light gauge framing members are structurally sound and provide an alternative solution to typical block and plank construction. Load bearing walls, flooring systems, and roof assemblies are panelized to allow for a quality exterior shell to be completed quickly and safely, while still generating cost savings. This method of framing is ideal for 4-12 story buildings.

Panels On-Site

Prefabricated Off-Site, Safely Delivered On-Site

Prefabrication of system components off-site, in a controlled environment allows for increased quality control and organization. As panels are manufactured, they are closely monitored for quality and labeled to be shipped in order of on-site installation sequencing.

Panels arrive on the job site "just-in-time," and each shipment includes the flooring system components. There is a significant reduction in the size of the lay-down area required for the material. Only a 20’x30’ space is needed to lay down the materials, which are the joists and decking for the flooring system. For the panels, an on-site area where the wall panel trucks can pull-in, and drop off the trailer is needed.

The moment the panel trucks arrive on site, a crane offloads the panels and sets the panels in sequence on the structure. The unloaded truck then departs, and a new truck immediately assumes the unloading position, allowing for continuous wall panel construction without the need for extensive material storage space. The erection of the panels requires exclusive crane time to the installer until their scope of work is complete for the project duration.

Panelization is the ideal solution for the owner, developer, or contractor involved in a mid-rise construction project. Construction techniques and advanced technology combine to successfully and safely complete a project in expedited time. To see how other projects have benefitted from the use of cold-formed steel framing, view our portfolio for detailed case studies.

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