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6 Ways CFS Framing is Compressing the Critical Path

With the ability to build faster, lighter, and stronger than traditional methods, cold-formed steel (CFS) framing provides clients with a cost-effective, sustainable framing solution for mid-rise construction, without compromising quality. Innovative processes in manufacturing and installation allow for durable building shell packages to be constructed for longevity, and ultimately a positive return on client investment.

Construction manufacturing allows for systems to be closely quality controlled to ensure materials arrive on-site to the correct standard. Furthermore, construction manufacturing reduces waste and debris typically collected during the course of framing installation.

Cold-formed steel wall and floor packages are an effective building solution that is ideal for use in Hospitality, Assisted Living, Condominiums, Apartments, Student Housing and Military Barracks. The end result is a practical, lightweight, and durable building shell package that quickly generates revenue for positive returns on investment.

6 Benefits of CFS Framing.png

Let's Build for the Future

All Steel Mid-Rise offers innovative Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) wall and floor framing systems for fully managed Design Build or Design Supply packages. The end result is a lightweight, long-lasting, and economical building shell package for Hospitality and Residential structures up to 12 stories.

Cold-formed steel (CFS) framing is ideal for use in mid-rise construction due to its sustainability, durability, and cost savings benefits. Complete load bearing structures can be safely constructed in compressed time, while saving significant cost. The end result is a practical, lightweight, and durable building shell package that quickly generates revenue for positive returns on investment.

All Steel Mid-Rise panelized wall and floor system packages are guaranteed to meet the needs of any mid-rise project.


Endlessly recyclable content and low to no waste make CFS framing ideal for sustainable construction; ultimately providing LEED credits.


Construction manufacturing produces less waste, requires less manpower, & eliminates standard equipment needs.

Shortened Project Cycle

Crews of 8 erect an average of 6,000 SF per week, allowing other trades to begin work sooner. Reduces financing costs & allows for quicker TCO.

High Structural Integrity

CFS does not rot, mold, or mildew and is non-combustible. Does not expand or contract with moisture changes. Long lasting structural integrity increases resale value.

Greater Quality Control

Off-site fabrication ensures each component is manufactured to the highest standard prior to arriving on-site.


50% lighter than standard framing. Reduces total load while maintaining integrity. Reduction in structural load significantly lowers foundation & labor costs.