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Infographic: 6 Ways CFS Framing is Compressing the Critical Path

April 2018

With the ability to build faster, lighter, and stronger than traditional methods, cold-formed steel (CFS) framing provides clients with a cost-effective, sustainable framing solution for mid-rise construction, without compromising quality. Innovative processes in manufacturing and installation allow for durable building shell packages to be constructed for longevity, and ultimately a positive return on client investment.

Construction manufacturing allows for systems to be closely quality controlled to ensure materials arrive on-site to the correct standard. Furthermore, construction manufacturing reduces waste and debris typically collected during the course of framing installation.

Cold-formed steel wall and floor packages are an effective building solution that is ideal for use in Hospitality, Assisted Living, Condominiums, Apartments, Student Housing and Military Barracks. The end result is a practical, lightweight, and durable building shell package that quickly generates revenue for positive returns on investment.

Infographic: 6 Ways CFS Framing in Compressing the Critical Path