How Cold-Formed Steel is Providing Hotel Development Companies Architectural Freedom

November 2023

Imagine a world where architects have the freedom to design hotels with soaring ceilings, large open spaces, and unique structural elements, all while maintaining cost efficiency and sustainability. This is the reality that cold-formed steel (CFS) brings to the hotel development industry.

In this blog post, you will discover how cold-formed steel is providing hotel development companies architectural freedom, its innovative applications in hotel projects, and its promising future in the ever-growing market for sustainable and efficient construction.

Key Takeaways

Cold-formed steel provides architects with architectural freedom, versatility in design, and adaptability to different styles for hotel development projects.

Cost and time savings, sustainability, increased structural strength, and soundproofing are some of the benefits offered by cold-formed steel construction.

Cold-formed steel continues to drive sustainable construction solutions through technological advancements and a growing demand for efficient building methods.

Architectural Freedom with Cold-Formed Steel

Architectural Freedom with Cold-Formed Steel

Unparalleled versatility and adaptability to various styles make cold-formed steel a game-changer in the hotel design landscape. Its benefits include:

  • Lightweight properties
  • Strength
  • Ideal alternative to traditional structural steel framing
  • Provides architects with a range of design possibilities

Cold-formed steel enables the creation of expansive open spaces and can accommodate different architectural styles, making it a popular choice among building materials for hotel construction.

Versatility in Design

A notable advantage of cold-formed steel is its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, which is superior to other construction materials like wood framing. This allows architects to explore creative designs without the limitations imposed by traditional materials, offering more freedom in design.

As a result, cold-formed steel has become a preferred choice for various building applications, such as curtain walls and partitions, showcasing its value proposition in hotel construction.

Adaptable to Different Architectural Styles

The versatility of cold-formed steel makes it a perfect material for accommodating a variety of architectural styles. It is lightweight, strong, and can be easily cut and formed into different shapes and sizes, allowing architects to create unique designs tailored to suit any architectural style, including:

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Minimalist

With cold-formed steel, the possibilities are endless when it comes to architectural design.
With its cost efficiency, sustainability, and improved structural integrity, cold-formed steel has gained popularity for hotel development projects.

Versatility in Design
Benefits of Cold-Formed Steel in Hotel Construction

Benefits of Cold-Formed Steel in Hotel Construction

Hotel construction reap manifold benefits from the use of cold-formed steel. Some of these benefits include:

  • Architectural freedom
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Increased structural strength

These benefits make it an attractive option for hotel developers seeking to create aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and structurally sound hotels.

Time and Cost Savings

Significant reductions in construction time and costs have been observed in projects using cold-formed steel construction.

The benefits of cold-formed steel construction include:

  • Faster construction time
  • Lower costs
  • Simpler installation of lighter gauge material
  • No prolonged drying time associated with block and plank construction

These advantages make cold-formed steel construction a popular choice for many projects.
Additionally, the use of All Steel Mid-Rise’s floor systems and wall panels offers increased load capacity resulting in increased efficiency for load-bearing walls.

Time and Cost Savings
Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Requiring fewer steel components, built with recyclable materials, and boasting longevity, cold-formed steel outperforms structural steel in eco-friendliness. It contains a minimum of 25 percent recycled steel and is completely recyclable, making it a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

Additionally, CFS is known for its durability, which has the potential to last for decades, reducing energy consumption and waste.

Enhanced Structural Integrity

Thanks to its consistent properties and uniformity, cold-formed steel enhances structural integrity. It offers enhanced structural stability by eliminating potential issues such as warping, splitting, or shrinking.

The lightweight yet strong nature of cold-formed steel, often referred to as light gauge, allows it to offer excellent resistance against high winds and guarantee structural stability, making it an optimal material for hotel construction.

Enhanced Structural Integrity
Innovative CFS Applications in Hotel Projects

Innovative CFS Applications in Hotel Projects

Innovative applications in hotel projects have stemmed from the versatility of cold-formed steel. One noteworthy example is the AC Hotel by Marriott at Bridge Park in Dublin, Ohio.

This project showcases the architectural freedom provided by cold-formed steel, allowing for the creation of unique designs and structures that cater to the needs of hotel developers.

AC Hotel at Bridge Park

The unique “S” shaped design of the AC Hotel at Bridge Park was challenging, so we used structural steel in panels and cambered joists in the Timberless-44 system. This allowed for faster construction without shoring. We replaced cambered joists with long-span metal decking and eliminated expensive materials and labor.

The building’s glass curtain wall facade was supported by structural steel and non-welded connections for easier installation. We also saved time and money by using steel headers over room entrances instead of load-bearing walls.

AC Hotel at Bridge Park
Integration with Building Components

Integration with Building Components

Designed for effortless integration with building components like concrete foundations and prefabrication techniques, cold-formed steel proves its merit. This seamless integration provides advantages such as cost savings, increased space efficiency, and reduced construction time, making it an ideal choice for hotel development projects.

Connection to Concrete Components

Cold-formed steel can be connected to concrete components using welding, mechanical fasteners, and adhesive bonding. This connection facilitates the construction process, lowers labor costs, and enhances the structural stability of the building, making it a valuable option for hotel developers.

Compatibility with Prefabrication Techniques

With its high compatibility with prefabrication techniques, cold-formed steel can be easily assembled off-site into sections in a controlled environment.

Its lightweight yet robust nature facilitates efficient and cost-effective prefabrication processes, while its consistent quality guarantees uniformity in the prefabricated components.

This compatibility with prefabrication techniques makes cold-formed steel an increasingly popular choice for hotel construction.

Soundproofing and Vibration Reduction in Hotels

One of the key considerations in hotel construction is soundproofing and vibration reduction, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment for guests.

Outperforming precast, wood, and gypcrete in acoustic performance, cold-formed steel offers outstanding soundproofing and vibration reduction capabilities.

Superior Acoustic Performance

Owing to its stable material and geometric properties, cold-formed steel enhances sound insulation and noise reduction in buildings. This contributes to the overall strength and structural integrity of the building, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment for hotel guests.

A system such as our Timberless-44 flooring system forms a strong, permanent bond with the concrete poured onto it, resulting in a premium concrete floor system that reduces floor vibrations and provides enhanced soundproofing with reduced sound flanking.

Soundproofing and Vibration Reduction in Hotels
The Future of Cold-Formed Steel in Hotel Development

The Future of Cold-Formed Steel in Hotel Development

With continued innovation, technology advancements, and a rising market for sustainable and efficient construction, the future of cold-formed steel in hotel development shows promise.

As technology progresses and demand for sustainable solutions increases, cold-formed steel will continue to offer new and innovative solutions for hotel architects and developers.

Continued Innovation and Technology Advancements

Advancements in technology will enable cold-formed steel to offer innovative solutions for hotel architects and developers persistently. By embracing new technologies and integrating them into the construction process, the potential of cold-formed steel in hotel development will continue to grow, providing architects with even more freedom in design and construction.

Growing Market for Sustainable and Efficient Construction

The demand for sustainable and efficient construction methods will drive the growth of cold-formed steel in the hotel development industry. As more developers seek eco-friendly building materials and innovative construction techniques, cold-formed steel will continue to play a significant role in the transformation of the construction industry.


Cold-formed steel offers unparalleled architectural freedom, cost efficiency, and sustainability in hotel development. Its innovative applications in hotel projects, such as the AC Hotel at Bridge Park and others, showcase its potential to revolutionize the construction industry.

As technology advances and the demand for sustainable and efficient construction methods grows, the future of cold-formed steel in hotel development is undoubtedly promising.

To learn how you can benefit from incorporating cold-formed steel into your next project, contact the team of experts at All Steel Mid-Rise today.


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