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All Steel Mid-Rise 2021 Recap

March 2022

Before heading too much further into 2022, we would like to share some of the awesome highlights and achievements from last year. 2021 was filled with inspiration and continuous improvement that positioned All Steel Mid-Rise as an industry leader in innovative wall and floor framing technology.

2021 Project Highlights

Dorm 19

101,500 SF, in Destin, FL started in 2020 and completed in 2021
General Contractor: Leebcor
The project was two identical 3-story dormitories at Eglin AFB,
Design-Supply, Timberless-44

Dorm 19

1122 W. Chicago

82,500 SF, Chicago, IL started in 2020 and completed in 2021
General Contractor: Summit DB

1122 W. Chicago

One at the Peninsula

192,000 SF, Columbus, OH
General Contractor & Developer: Flaherty & Collins
11-Story, Design-Build, Timberless-33

One at the Peninsula

Scioto Peninsula Hotel

104,000 SF, Columbus, OH
General Contractor: Daimler
8-Story, Design-Build, Long Span Deck & Cold-Formed Steel Wall Panels

Scioto Peninsula Hotel


315,000 SF, Jersey City, NJ
General Contractor: FM Construction
15-Story, Design-Supply, Cold-Formed Steel Wall Panels

Image Coming Soon

Orange 50 Senior Living

101,300 SF, Orange, CT
General Contractor: Interior Building Contractors
3-Story Senior Living, Design Supply, Timberless-44 Floor System Only

Image Coming Soon

Projects Underway for 2022

Stay tuned for more information about these projects and more in 2022.

Marriott Residence Inn

106,700 SF, Hyde Park, NY
General Contractors:PC Construction
5-Story, Design Supply, Timberless-44

Image Coming Soon

Stockton University Student Housing

112,700 SF, Stockton, NJ
General Contractors: Jingoli
6-Story, Design Supply, Cold-Formed Steel Wall Panels

Image Coming Soon

Transforming the Steel Framing Industry

Our ability to combine quality construction techniques and advanced technology allows us to successfully manufacture and safely coordinate the installation of your steel mid-rise framing project on a quicker timeline.

Our team will address your unique project needs upfront, ensuring schedule optimization, just-in-time deliveries, successful cold-formed steel framing, and continuous wall panel installation.

2021 Team Highlights

At All Steel Mid-Rise, we continue to be incredibly proud of our team and positive culture. Our passion for continuous learning and meeting the community remained as strong as ever throughout 2021.

All Steel Mid-Rise played in the BX Golf Outing, an annual summer kickoff for members of the Builder’s Exchange of Central Ohio. It is a great fundraiser for the BX Foundation and a lot of fun. The Builder’s Foundation of Central Ohio also hosts the BXYP or Builder’s Exchange Young Professionals golf outing in the fall that we also attended. We were excited to attend a company outing at a Columbus Clippers game in July as well.

All Steel Mid-Rise exhibited at The Lodging Conference in Phoenix, one of the leading hotel industry events in the world. The Lodging Conference brings together the hotel industry’s most influential owners, operators, presidents, CEOs, investors, and dealmakers to strategize about development, finance, franchising, management, construction, design, and operations. We had a lot of fun meeting new people and playing golf.

All Steel Mid-Rise is continuing to grow each year. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our careers page for openings.

The Future of All Steel Mid-Rise

When All Steel Mid-Rise began as an organization, cold-formed steel framing and panelization were still new to the market. As one of the originators in the field, All Steel Mid-Rise has seen the industry grow and innovate. As the world around us changes and advances, so do we in our construction processes and the ways we approach building projects.

Contributions driving change in construction include environmental, social, economic, and global climate change. And of immediate concern is the lack of skilled labor forces. These factors are challenging us to take a more technologically advanced and controlled approach to construction to achieve new project initiatives.

Design flexibility, improved quality, and speed of construction are financially responsible alternatives to the resource-heavy means of construction. All Steel Mid-Rise looks forward to faster construction with less waste in 2022.